Operating Lease

Operating lease is a business solution for your company’s operational needs of vehicles and IT equipment.

Since June 1996, PT. BRIngin Srikandi Finance has initiated an operating lease to accommodate the demand of long term vehicles and equipment utilities in lease.

PT. BRIngin Srikandi Finance provides both vehicles operating lease and IT equipment to accelerate corporations to improve in cash flow control, off-balance financing, and excellent service.

I. About Auto Lease
PT. BRIngin Srikandi Finance enables companies to lease vehicles especially the ones that are required for operational growth without the need to own the assets which will increase the ROA (Return on Assets) rate and also neutralizing its depreciation.

Through Auto Lease, you can now focus on expanding your core business as we ensure fulfillment in transportation needs, enabling you to increase overall business performance.

PT. BRIngin Srikandi Finance offers any type and brand of vehicles.

These services can be supplemented to meet your business environment. Our multi finance in Auto Lease’s benefits and value-added services is incomparable in the market.

II. Benefits of Auto Lease
PT. BRIngin Srikandi Finance’s Auto Lease service is also supported with integrated additional service, such as:
1. New vehicles
2. Regular Maintenance
3. Authorized workshops
4. Genuine Spare Parts
5. Replacement Car
6. International Insurance Partners
7. Vehicle Registration (STNK/KEUR) Renewal

I. About IT Lease
IT Lease exists for you who need new equipment in your office. With IT Lease, PT. BRIngin Srikandi Finance will accelerate you to expand your business with lower initial investment while taking advantage of the effect of off-balance sheet financing. All of the equipment we provide can be used for as long as you make the leasing duration be.

PT. BRIngin Srikandi Finance is determined to provide the most efficient leasing application. It is the sole reason we listed the required documents for you to prepare before applying for a leasing service.

For more insight on how the application is processed, please reach our customer service line.
1. Article of Association and Its Change
2. Tax Number (NPWP)
3. Company license (SIUP) and Domicile Letter (TDP)
4. Authorized Signer’s Identity Card (KTP/SIM/KITAS)
5. Bank Statement from The Last 6 Months
6. Company Legal Documents
7. Financial Statement

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