Multipurpose Financing

Financing program solution for consumptive purposes apart from business or production/operational purposes with a flexible financing duration.

Multipurpose financing is specially designed to fulfill your needs of goods and services outside production purposes. The duration of this financing is flexible and can be adjusted according to your needs.

Your satisfaction as our customer is the objective of PT. BRIngin Srikandi Finance’s commitment to always serve you with real and lasting solutions.

Several benefits you can get with the Multipurpose financing are:
1. Vast Selection of Goods
Selection of goods for leasing is varied to accommodate your needs and requirements.
2. Flexible Financing Options
Financing options are available in other currency aside from Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) to fulfill your requirements. We provide 2 different options in choosing interest rate: Fixed interest rate and floating interest rate.
3. Simple, Quick, and Transparent Procedure
PT. BRIngin Srikandi Finance strives to use the most streamlined procedure in order to give you a hassle-free application procedure with no inefficient bureaucracy to deal with.

PT. BRIngin Srikandi Finance is committed to providing you the most efficient leasing application. That’s why, below, we listed the required documents for you to prepare before applying for a leasing service.

For more insight on how the application is processed, please reach our customer service line.
1. Identity Card of The Commissioners/Directors/Legal Owner
2. Active Bank Account for The Last 6 Months
3. Copy of Ongoing Projects’ Contract
4. Sale And Purchase Agreement With The Suppliers/Sales Note for The Items To Be Leased
5. Brochure or Catalog (For Machinery Application)
6. Company Legal Documents
7. Financial Statement

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