As a multi-financing provider company, and in line with the business permit and regulation of 1169 and PSAK 30 from the Ministry of Finance, BSF provides leasing services by providing capital goods to be used by the lessee within a certain period of time with installment payment. 

Under the principle of Fast, Flexi, and Convenient, BSF benefits from the flexibility of customizing the multi-financing services to each client. BSF works closely with clients to assist them in finding the best financing option and availability of lease for their business needs.

Transportation vessels, industrial machinery, office, and residential buildings, medical equipment, power plants, and heavy machinery such as crane and rigs are some of the leasing objects BSF provides to client companies. Embracing the clean financing program especially in energy (for example the renewable energy), also the principle of a green project, BSF will not opt for financing warehouse projects, unless the roof is made of solar cells. 

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