Our History of Proud Legacy

PT Bringin Srikandi Finance was established on July 1989, domiciled in Jakarta, as specified in their Articles of Association as already announced in the State Gazzette of the Republic of Indonesia of 1989 No.74.

Officially, BSF started its financing operation on September 1989 after obtaining business permit for operating financing services, as stated in the Decision Letter of the Minister of Finance No.1084/KMK.013/1989.

The establishment of BSF actually benefited from the government’s October 1988 deregulation package (Pakto 1988) which opened the tap to allow financial instutions such as insurance and financing to be established.

Along with other subsidiaries of Dana Pensiun Bank Rakyat Indonesia, BSF joins the business group entrusted to manage and invest the pension fund in prudent business activities with mandate that such investment can continue to provide income to BRI employees after retirement.